Professor You, Shuli wins AstraZeneca Excellence in Chemistry Awards 2011

Winners for AstraZeneca Excellence in Chemistry Awards 2011 were announced on November 28, 2011. Award ceremony in Asian region was held at AstraZeneca Bangalore, India on January 31, 2012. Professor You, Shuli attended the award ceremony and delivered two lectures entitled “Selective C-H Bond Direct Funcationalization” and “Catalytic Asymmetric Dearomatization Reactions” respectively. Sponsored by AstraZeneca, Mr Wu, Qingfeng, a student of professor You, also attended the award ceremony.

Since joining the State Key Laboratory of Organometallic Chemistry in 2006, professor Shuli You’s work mainly focus on enantioselective direct C-H bond functionalization and catalytic asymmetric dearomatization reaction. With either transition-metal catalysts or organocatalysts, several highly atom-economical and selective transformations have been developed, providing efficient methods for the constuction of various functionalized chiral molecules. Professor You is also the recipient of CAPA Distinguished Faculty Award (2008), the CCS Young Chemist Award (2008), Thieme Chemistry Journals Award (2010), The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (2010), and The Third CCS-RSC Young Chemist Award (2011). Professor You starts to serve as member of the advisory board of Chemical Society Reviews and Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry since 2011. Professor You wins this award together with Dr Govindasamy Mugesh (Indian Institute of Science), Professor Lutz Ackermann (Georg-August-University Göttingen), Dr Hon Wai Lam (University of Edinburgh), Professor André Beauchemin (University of Ottawa) and Professor Neil Garg (University of California, Los Angeles).

The AZ Young Investigator Awards are awarded to talented young academic researchers who have demonstrated distinct achievements in synthetic, computational, mechanistic or bioorganic chemistry. Each of the awardees is presented with a $50,000 unrestricted research grant intended to help foster continued growth and development of their research programs.

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